Why Blog

Why blog?  This was a question I had and decided to explore today while I was passing the time before classes start up.  I was reading an article and a quote stuck out to me that I found quite intriguing.  I read a quote about a blogger enthusiast that said blogging is like sending a post out into an abyss.  I liked the idea of an abyss and its eternal nothingness, so I allowed myself to test it out.  Really, this abyss spoken about is the same abyss that tweets and Facebook posts are thrown into.  But as a part of a project and exploration, I am willing to step into whatever abyss blogging claims.

I, then, thought how similar blogging and Facebook were.  I mean, they are used for the same purpose:  for people to rant about various topics (or at least that’s the purpose the majority use it for).  As far as social networking goes, Christians claim it can used for a higher purpose than just rants, photo like contests, and forwarding those pictures that if you don’t like, you will go to Hell.  And I totally agree with them.

Christians say that in order to remain “in the world and not of it” as Scripture calls us to (John 17:14), social networking is very important.  We should be a model of a moral lifestyle and a foundation of a positive attitude, thus we post encouragements and Scriptures.  So we use a medium like Facebook to do our evangelism for us.  But that is the thing:  Facebook is our one and only witnessing tool for many people.  How many times have any of you scrolled through your news feed and read post after post from someone where he or she quotes Scripture and recounts experiences where God sent a revelation, yet if you talked to the same person it would take days for him or her to bring up anything with an inkling of the same spirituality as in the very frequent FB posts that clog up the news feed.  I write that obvious run-on sentence to say:  I don’t want to be associated with “christians” like that who allow their social media be the only evangelizing their lives proclaim.  I want to walk up to someone and within that conversation mention my Jesus with him or her not because I am forcing religion, but because I am in this so intimate relationship with God the Father that it is totally natural to bring Him up.

I look at witnessing like this.  I once had this obsession for the TV show Friends.  And if we are all being totally honest here and if you watched more than four episodes of Friends, you probably also suffered from the same condition.  Anyway, the re-runs came on everyday from 230 to 400pm and again after 10pm, I believe.  So whenever my busy extracurricular activity schedule would come to a standstill, I would race home and catch 2.5 episodes (this was pre-DVR era).  Over the course of a year with this same routine, I had seen almost every re-run several times.  My obsession worsened with the installation of the DVR.  Then, my favorite passivity was a click away.  On bad days, I would comfort myself with cookie dough and a Friends marathon.  Not my proudest moments, let me tell you.  But then because I had submersed into the very lives of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandelier, everything could be related back to Friends.  If someone asked me if I wanted a piece of gum, I would say, “Gum would be perfection,” and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked flight attendants if they checked the function of the plane’s phalanges.  And then whenever my friends (real life version) had issues and asked for my advice, I would refer back to a similar case in Friends (sitcom version).  Soon, talking about and referring to Friends (sitcom version) was as easy and frequent as talking about my friends (real life and sometimes not as entertaining version).

This is how the gospel should be our lives.  The gospel should be as easy to talk about as anything else we are passionate about like a quesarito from Taco Bell, Friends TV show, or the VMAs.  And that’s what I aim for.  And that’s what this blog and my life is going to be about.  Maybe sometimes it will come off as very blunt, and other times I won’t put the effort to highlight, bold, and underline that it is the gospel I am talking about.

Regardless, that’s my challenge to you.  Don’t let Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter evangelize for you.  This can be extended to cross necklaces, giving keys (more on giving keys later), church and BCM t-shirts do all your evangelizing.  And what I mean by that, although all of these allow you to have conversation starters and to reach people you won’t see on a daily basis, don’t let yourself be limited by this.  Live the Christian life and walk the Christian walk.  Evangelize and witness with your mouth.  That’s why it says “Confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord” (Romans 10:9-13)  and “If you love me, obey my commandments” (John 14:15).  These involve your words and actions.  Hit up Twitter with a Bible verse a day, whatever, but remember that the same Bible verse is a command from God the Father so you better be obeying it too.


For further reading about saying you know God while your actions say otherwise, go to Daniel 4

For more on blogging and its inactivity with youth, go to http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/21/technology/internet/21blog.html?_r=0

For more on me, keep reading


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